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Country Trails Private Tours – Terms & Conditions

Prices are in Australian dollars $AUD.

Deposits are non refundable unless 3 weeks notice is given of cancellation and a valid reason is provided.

Tours will run regardless of weather conditions unless it is deemed that it is unsafe to do so such as in extreme weather events. Customers will have the opportunity to make a new booking time if this occurs. No refunds or discounts for bad weather.

Customers undertake tours at their own risk and accept the responsibility to act in a safe and sensible manner at all times.


The following will apply regarding cancellations:

Less than 72 hours prior to departure – 100% cancellation charge
Between 4-7 days prior to departure – 50% cancellation charge
Between 7-14 days prior to departure – 30% cancellation charge
Greater than 14 days – no cancellation charge


We retain the right to cancel tours, vary itineraries and amend fares and days of operation due to extreme weather or changes to operational conditions such as road closures, fire bans or other conditions beyond the control of the operator.  At times it may be necessary to provide alternative transport or use the services of other tour operators.

The Tour Operator does not accept any liability for the acts, omissions, default or negligence of wildlife park, scenic rides or any other service provided used in connection with these tours.

The Tour Operator shall not be responsible or liable for death, illness or injury to any person, or loss of or damage to any property or otherwise due to the operator’s negligence nor any inconvenience, delay, injury, accident, theft or negligence caused to, or expenses incurred by, any client/passenger however caused by or arising out of services or failure to provide services.

These tours operate in environmental and culturally sensitive areas. Any person found wilfully damaging the environment or indigenous art, or causing discomfort to others will be requested to leave the tour at the nearest public transport depot.  Any costs incurred will be at that person’s expense.




Contact :- +61 406 909 800
+61 406 909 810
Address :- PO Box 151, Bankstown NSW 1885, ABN: 88 630 417 917

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