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How to Find the Best Private Touring Company in Sydney

Most touring companies often accommodate you amongst 50 other travellers and promise to provide the best-in-class experience. 

Though some people may like to travel with fellow tourists while exploring the blue mountains day trip from Sydney, many like to travel in small groups too.

And that is where a private touring company comes in. They have talented guides, logical itineraries and talented drivers to give you a fruitful experience.

But how do you know whether a touring company provides all these amenities to you or not?

Well, here are four ways to know that:

  1.     Who will I be travelling with?

Private companies only entertain a small group of people in a batch. They understand your preferences and put you in batches filled with similar type of people.

For example, if you travel with your family, you would want to avoid being accompanied by a group of bachelors. In that case, private touring companies would accommodate you in batches with families like yours. 

Although most genuine companies share their list with you, it would be wise to ask the company about their policies in advance from your end too.

  1.     How much experience do your bus drivers have?

Before lending your life in the hands of an unknown driver, it is wise to ask about their competence and experience. 

You wouldn’t want to travel with a driver who has recently started driving in Sydney.

You can also ask them questions like- how much rest is given to drivers in between trips? Are they fed well? Do any of them have any medical conditions? Are they certified by NSW authorities?

An ideal touring company should hire skilled drivers. It should also make safety arrangements for tourists on the bus, such as keeping a handy first-aid kit. 

  1.     Do they have a logical itinerary?

Touring companies know they need to cover all significant places around Sydney in a single day. Therefore, some rush from one place to another to tick all the boxes.

In that scenario, companies sideline the experience of tourists entirely. For example, allocating an hour for Hunter Valley exploration. You won’t even be able to absorb the vibe of Hunter Valley in the first fifteen minutes, let alone exploring it in an hour. 

Therefore, the itinerary should be logical, even if it consists of only a few places.

  1.     Who are our guides?

It would be great to have a trained tour guide Sydney to cover all the places in a single day. An experienced guide will ensure that you have a glimpse of all major sights within every location. 

They will educate you about the history and significance of all the places while you absorb the aura and feel the beauty of that place. 

Therefore, ensure that the touring company allocates a reliable and experienced guide in your service.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a reliable private touring company, you must first ascertain your expectations from them. 

A logical itinerary, a licensed driver, an experienced guide and a decent group of fellow tourists are four must-haves that every genuine touring company must comply with. 

So, contact them today for a no-obligation quote. 

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