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Five Amazing Tourist Places to Visit near Sydney

Australia is the perfect place for those who love to be enchanted by nature. Visitors from around the globe are drawn to Australia for its spectacular forests and amazing wildlife.

While some parts of Australia offer great city life, most of Australia is home to amazing tours of the natural wonders around the globe. Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular destinations. It’s one of Australia’s most visited tourist spots and links almost all of Australia.

There are so many things to do and places you should visit that even a 10- or 15-day trip might need more time to see everything.

It is home to stunning beaches and unique architectural wonders such as the Opera House, which is well-known all over the globe. Sydney is home to many amazing natural wonders, architecture, and shopping centres. You should also add many attractions to your bucket list, including world-class restaurants and museums. It is highly recommended that you visit Sydney before starting your day trip from Sydney.

If you feel overwhelmed by the bustle and noise of the city, you can always visit the incredible attractions surrounding this vibrant city and plan the best day trips from Sydney. Sydney is connected to many nature, national, and seaside towns. You can choose from 15 top-day trips starting from Sydney if you’re still determining what you want or need a plan.

Are you looking for a way to get around?

There are many ways to travel around Australia. You don’t have to worry about how you get around Sydney. It is connected like all other cities in the country. You have many options to get to your destination with Sydney’s excellent public transport network. The majority of the listed day trips can be reached by public transport. In some cases, hiring a taxi to take you anywhere you need is the best option.

Here are some places to visit if you’re looking for a short trip from Sydney.



  • Capital of Australia
  • Amazing museums, gardens and parks.
  • Mount Ainslie, with its panoramic view

People mistake Sydney for the capital of Australia because it is so well-known. Sometimes even Melbourne is wrongly considered the capital. The capital of Australia, Canberra, is located between these two cities. When planning a short trip to Sydney, Canberra is a great destination for tourists. As a tourist destination, Canberra is often overlooked. Mount Ainslie can be climbed by anyone who isn’t afraid to climb and enjoy the stunning views of Canberra from the top. The artificial Lake Burley Griffin is Canberra’s centrepiece. You can also walk around it. After you’re done, you can tour the museums and parliament houses. With the right planning, Canberra can be covered in a single day. An overnight stay is also possible. 

Blue Mountains National Park


  • Gorgen and Eucalyptus
  • Haven for Koalas
  • Three Sisters Lookout
  • Katoomba Scenic Railway

There are over 664,000 acres of wilderness in the Blue Mountains, so that you can plan a Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney. These mountains are home to incredible hiking trails that allow you to discover waterfalls, gorges and caves with amazing cave paintings. The Blue Mountains get its name from the abundance of eucalyptus tree trees. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a geographic wonder. You will be able to lose yourself in these mountains if you hire a guide.

Hunter Valley


  • The oldest grapevines
  • It is well-known for its fine wines
  • Kangaroo spotting
  • Hot air Balloons

The Hunter Valley is well-known for its grapevines. High-quality grapes are possible because of the fertile soil. Hunter Valley is home to Hunter Valley’s wineries and artisanal oils. Hunter Valley is also a culinary paradise. The valley’s cheese and artisanal oils are used in many restaurants. You can walk or exercise on the trails in the Hunter Valley Gardens and Wollemi National Park.

Palm Beach


  • Filming spot for ‘Home and Away,’ a popular Aussie soap
  • Development of a community
  • Beautiful waves

Palm Beach is one of the most sought-after northern beaches in Sydney. The filming location for Home and Away, an Australian soap, is located here. Palm Beach is a beautiful beach with golden sands perfect for sunbathing. You can also enjoy the surf and waves here.

Mermaid Pools


  • Hiking and trekking trails
  • Swimming in clear waters
  • To get the best view of the surrounding area, climb up to the top on rocky platforms or steep tables

In the Australian Bush, the Mermaid Pools are hidden amongst the steep rock faces of the Tahmoor Gorge. Although it is hard to reach the spot, once you have covered the distance, the view feels like a big hug. It is worth the hard hike to the Mermaid Pools. The Mermaid Pools’ clear waters offer a stunning view of the underwater world and allow you to cool down.


Many private agencies offer private and small tours to Sydney’s most popular tourist spots. They can arrange a day trip from Sydney to any of these destinations. It takes only a few hours to drive from Sydney to your destination. You will have enough time to enjoy it fully. You can cover everything at the lowest prices by opting for cheap packages.

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